Therapy Animal Visiting Programs
in Kansas City

1. Establishing a Visiting Program

Meet with the facility representative who will be responsible for managing the program. In hospitals and hospice programs, this is typically the manager responsible for Volunteer Services. In Nursing homes, it may be the Activities Director and in schools or libraries, it may be the Principal or Librarian. It is advisable to encourage participation with this discussion by other key stakeholders. In a hospital, this would include the Risk Manager, a representative from nursing leadership and from the Department of Infection Control.

2. Provide Team Registration and Vaccination Records

Provide the facility representatives with current copy of Pet Partners team registration document and animal’s vaccination record for each team that will be visiting. In addition, provide the following, so they know what to expect from Pet Partners programs:

  • Pet Partners Policy Procedure
  • Summary of Risk
  • Why Infection Control
  • Pet Partners Liability Certificate

3. Visiting Program Development Guide

Utilizing the Pet Partners Visiting Program Development Guide as a  planning tool, identify with the facility representatives the important elements of the program. This will provide information for recruiting and training additional teams as well as for logging visits. Page 4 will help determine if the facility is considered a complex or predictable environment. Consult the “Complex /Predictable” information at the Pet Partners website for additional information to make this determination.

Among the issues to identify with the facility:

  • onboard requirements (health screening, application, background check and orientation)
  • visit locations, restricted areas
  • escort policy (see attached Escort Role)
  • Sign-in/Out process
  • Parking
  • ID Badge

4. Facility Policy and Procedure

Recommend the facility develop it’s own policy/ procedure describing the visiting program and the facility’s requirement (vaccination). Offer to review policies for accurate terminology and accord with Pet Partners policy. View a Sample Policy.

5. Facility Visiting Program Description Document

Complete a Facility Visiting Program Description Document if this facility/program will be partnering with Mo-Kan Pet Partners and additional members recruited to visit there. Send the program description document to the current Mo-Kan VP, keeping a copy for yourself as the Mo-Kan Facility Coordinator and providing one to the Facility Representative.

6. Advertise

If additional Mo-Kan Members are needed, create an advertisement containing pertinent information (including who to contact for additional information or with interest) and send to current Mo-Kan Vice-President for membership distribution.

7. Logging Visits

To log your visits, go to Pet Partners Volunteer Center and follow instructions.

Ongoing Management Of Pet Partners Visiting Programs:

  • Meet Regularly
  • Stay Informed
  • Program Teams

Meet regularly (at least annually) with the Facility Representative to identify opportunities for growth and adjust the Facility Visiting Program Description document as needed (re-distributing to Mo-Kan VP and all relevant persons as needed.)

Remain informed of any changes in Pet Partners policy and adjust visiting program procedures as needed.

Update all visiting program teams.