The Responsibilities of a Mo-Kan Pet Partners Facility Coordinator


  1. A Mo-Kan Pet Partners Handler is designated for each facility to serve as Facility Coordinator.  Members will work with the coordinator responsible for the facility where they visit.
  2. New handlers should shadow an experienced team (without their animal partner) to determine whether to join the facility visiting program. They should then be shadowed with their partner. Experienced teams may need to be shadowed when joining a new facility visiting program.
  3. Teams must arrive on time for scheduled appointments.
  4. The facility coordinator has the responsibility to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with the designated facility contact person and will ensure facility satisfaction.
  5. Facility coordinators or designee will mentor new visiting teams. Suggestions should be offered to assist the new teams with their visiting skills to ensure their success.
  6. The facility coordinator should be contacted if the team is unable to honor the commitment.
  7. The Coordinator will determine the number of visiting teams required and the visit schedule as requested by the facility. Coordinators are listed on the Mo-Kan website under  Facility Partners.
  8. Facility coordinators are responsible for ensuring the teams are compliant with all facility requirements and policies.
  9. If an incident occurs during a visit, the facility coordinator must be contacted. Pet Partners procedures regarding Incidence reporting will be followed.
  10. Pet Partner Policies® for reporting and evaluation of incidents will apply.