Therapy Animal Teams
in Kansas City

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with your pet as a registered Pet Partners Therapy Animal Team.
Your involvement will allow you and your pet to provide comfort and joy.

Do you qualify to become a Therapy Team?

We recommend that you first make sure that you and your pet will qualify for the program.

  1. Review the Pet Partners requirements to determine if you and your animal are a good fit for the Pet Partners’ Therapy Animal Program. This is a good way to review the minimum qualifications every team needs to meet as well as the time and financial commitment involved.
  2. Review the Pet Partners Policies and Procedures. to ensure your’re able to meet all of them..

What makes a successful therapy animal team?

Therapy animals are:

  • People-oriented, friendly, and seek interaction
  • Have good basic obedience skills
  • Remain calm in stressful situations
  • Are non-aggressive towards animals and people
  • Are comfortable being touched, at times awkwardly

What makes a successful handler?

Therapy team handlers:

  • Are friendly and professional in their interactions
  • Enjoy a bond with their animal that lets them predict and redirect their animal’s behavior
  • Ensure their animal’s well-being at all times
  • Commit to following Pet Partners standards and procedures

The primary role of the handler is to be their animal’s advocate. It will be your job to ensure your animal is in good health, properly groomed, and enjoys visiting.

How to Become a Pet Partners Volunteer Therapy Animal Team

  • Step 1: Register a First Time Account
  • Step 2: Complete the Handler Course
  • Step 3: Animal Health Screening
  • Step 4: Team Evaluation
  • Step 5: Complete your team registration

To get started, you need to create a first time account at our Parent Organization,

Click here to be directed to the account registration page.  Once your account has been completed, we’ll receive a notification and will be in touch with you about getting started in a Handler Course.

Once you’ve established that your animal is a good candidate for the Therapy Animal Program, it’s time for you to start your training as the human end of the leash. We strongly recommend the instructor-led workshop.

Click here to register at Pet Partners for a handler course.

Upon completion of the Handler course, you can begin your registration paperwork. This includes an Animal Health Screening Form to be completed by your veterinarian.

Once you have completed handler course training, follow the steps at the Pet Partner website to register for your team evaluation.

During this approximately 45 minute event, you and your animal will meet with a Pet Partners licensed evaluator and demonstrate the skills required to visit.

Once you successfully complete the team evaluation, you can finalize your team registration and submit your registration fee. When you receive confirmation of your team registration you can begin visiting with you animal partner. Mentoring support will be available to assist you in joining an existing visiting program or to establish one of your own at a local hospital, nursing home or school.

Become a Pet Partners Therapy Animal Team

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