Evaluation Guidelines and Process

AnimalTherapy Evaluation
in Kansas City

The evaluation registration process is initiated at the Pet Partners website.

For renewing teams, you should receive an email notice from Pet Partners Operations about 5 months prior to your registration expiration date.

For current teams wishing to evaluate a new animal, you must log into your account in the Volunteer Center on the Pet Partners website to register your new animal and request an evaluation date.


Evaluation Appointment Process:

  • Step 1: Register at Pet Partners.org
  • Step 2: Required Documentation
  • Step 3: Mo-Kan Registration form
  • Step 4: Fill out Handler Questionnaire


Follow the instructions to log into the Volunteer Center on the Pet Partners website. You will be able to request an evaluation date on their calendar. Search for dates in Kansas City, Missouri.

If the evaluation date you want is full, go ahead and sign up and you will be added to the wait list. The Evaluation Coordinator will contact you to let you know if there will be room on that date or if you will need to choose a different date.

Request an Evaluation Date


Whether your register online or by mail, you are required to submit:

  1. Completed Registration Form
  2. Completed Handler’s Questionnaire
  3. Copy of handler’s course completion certificate (workshop or online for new handlers only)
  4. Current proof of rabies (rabies certificate from your vet)

Please click here to fill out the registration form online.

If you prefer to fill out and mail in your evaluation registration, along with your $10 payment and a copy of your rabies certificate and handler registration:

Please click here.

You must complete the Handler Questionnaire.  The documents may be scanned and emailed to the Evaluation Coordinator to more quickly secure your spot. Evaluations are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

Please click here to complete.

Evaluation Guidelines

  • New handlers must take the Pet Partners Handler’s Course either in person or online before evaluating. The in person workshop is highly recommended.
  • Cats and intact animals are required to be scheduled as the final evaluation of the day.
  • A team approach will be utilized during the evaluation. The evaluator may seek/receive input from co-evaluators, expert assistants and/or other experienced Pet Partners volunteers in attendance. The evaluators have the ultimate responsibility and accountability for the evaluation.
  • Evaluators who are familiar with an animal must not evaluate the animal. The evaluator is considered “familiar” with the animal if the animal has become habituated enough to the evaluator such that the animal’s behavior is influenced, positively or negatively. Another evaluator will perform the hands-on portion of the evaluation. Evaluators should not evaluate close friends or family members.
  • Each evaluation schedule will be distributed by the Evaluation Coordinator the week prior to each evaluation. All scheduling requests should be directed to the Evaluation Coordinator.
  • The evaluation period begins when a handler steps out of the car when arriving at the evaluation location and ends when the handler returns to their car.
  • Teams should arrive not more than 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Locations and directions are located on the top of the evaluation registration form.

Click here to view Upcoming Evaluation Dates